Alejandro Andrade receives the Premio DAMA de Guion Lola Salvador at the San Sebastián Festival

‘La dote’, the screenplay by Alejandro Andrade, has been awarded the 30.000€ prize of the first edition of the contest.

Rosa Cabrera and Raúl Mancilla received a runner-up prize of €10,000 for the script ‘Las recoveras’.

Today, as part of the San Sebastián Festival, author Alejandro Andrade received the Premio DAMA de Guion Lola Salvador (DAMA Lola Salvador Screenplay Award) from the screenwriter herself whom name this award.

The ceremony was also attended by the president of the management entity, Virginia Yagüe. “At DAMA we not only affirm that the work of screenwriters is fundamental. We demonstrate this by giving these Lola Salvador awards, the prizes with the largest financial endowment for a screenplay award in this country, which have the privilege of bearing the name of one of our most important screenwriters”, underlined the creator.

Andrade won the award with his screenplay La dote: “I’m really excited and happy for this great award, which I’m deeply grateful to the jury and to DAMA. It’s undoubtedly a very important boost for this project and for my career. I believe that as a filmmaker and writer, I have a responsibility to help give a voice to those who historically have not had one. Today we can put on the table and start a conversation about this terrible social reality that thousands of indigenous girls live in my country, which is the subject of the script. Hopefully, this message can reach far and in some way begin to bring more justice and equality to these realities”.

La dote focuses on the quest for individual freedom, beyond what the community or social mandate demands. According to the author, it’s a way of making visible the terrible reality that thousands of indigenous girls and women live, even today, in Mexico within a system where marriage is allowed as an economic transaction.

In second place, Rosa Cabrera and Raúl Mancilla received a runner-up prize of 10,000 euros for the script of Las Recoveras, a story about dignity and what happens when it comes into conflict with survival itself. A story about women who were an example of resistance, courage and ingenuity, who pulled their children out of misery and who have earned their place in the history of our country.

“We’re really excited to receive the runner-up prize in the 1st Edition of the Premio DAMA de Guion Lola Salvador. This award is another step forward on the path of Las Recoveras and we hope that it will be a boost for this story to finally become a film”, thanked the authors.

DAMA is once again collaborating with the San Sebastian festival in support of Spanish cinema, and will sponsor various activities in the Thought and Debate area. A programme consisting of talks, master classes, round tables and working sessions will address issues such as the defence of gender equality and diversity, environmental and labour sustainability in the industry and the impact of new technologies.