“Culture is key to healing wounds in times of crisis”

The Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) states: “culture is key to healing wounds in times of crisis, to holding our societies together, and to making them more resilient”. The SAA have co-signed an open letter with more than 110 representatives of the multifaceted European cultural ecosystem -coordinated by Cultural Action Europe-, calling on the Member States and the European Commission to ensure a future for culture and cultural life in Europe. Following the publication of this communication, the group is meeting again to reiterate its appeal to national governments and the European Commission.

The SAA demands that culture must be included in National Recovery and Resilience plans (NRRP) that all European Union (EU) countries must submit by April 30. Representatives of Europe’s cultural ecosystem are urging governments to dedicate at least 2% of the Recovery Found to culture, and to place it as a priority sector when using the new generation EU funds.

In addition, 110 cultural spokespersons call on member states to engage with representatives with representatives of their cultural communities and civil society organizations in the design and implementation of National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs). “Long-term structural support to rebuild the European cultural ecosystem must be co-developed, involving all stakeholders, both public and private” (SAA).

Ensuring the inclusion of culture, in the NRRP will help secure the future of the sector, as well as its contribution to the future of Europe. Revitalizing the cultural ecosystem not only offers hope to millions of workers whose jobs have been jeopardized by the pandemic, but can also create new meaning and purpose for all Europeans and the European project.