DAMA and Netflix announce the second edition of the competition ‘Cuéntanos las historias que nadie cuenta’, an initiative that promotes the reflection of the diversity of Spanish society in audiovisual fiction

The winners will receive a cash prize of 6,000 euros and also will benefit from professional tutoring for the development and presentation of their projects.

Two of the selected projects will also be able to record a teaser to promote the project.

DAMA, in collaboration with Netflix, is launching the second edition of the competition ‘Cuéntanos las historias que nadie cuenta’ (‘Tell us the stories that nobody tells’), which is part of Cambio de Plano, a programme that aims to promote the reflection of the diversity of Spanish society in audiovisual fiction.

Participants in ‘Cuéntanos las historias que nadie cuenta’ must present a feature film or series project that reflects different aspects of diversity. Therefore, stories that revolve around issues such as the rural world, gender diversity, disability, the LGTBi community or cultural and ethnic diversity will be valued.

A jury made up of prestigious figures from the audiovisual sector will select the eight winning projects. Each of the winners will receive a prize of €6,000 and will be able to enjoy a training programme in which, supervised by tutors with extensive professional experience, they will have the opportunity to develop their projects over a period of four months. The programme will culminate with the preparation of a presentation pitch session to audiovisual industry professionals. In addition, two of these projects will be chosen by a jury to record a promotional teaser.

Cambio de Plano is a necessary project in the sector to support creators who give voice to diverse stories, to the reality that surrounds us. Because the audiovisual industry needs to tell universal stories with rich, diverse and plural projects that can cross borders”, explains the president of DAMA, Virginia Yagüe.

“Netflix is excited to continue supporting emerging talent through initiatives such as Cambio de Plano, which we are launching together with DAMA and which gives us the opportunity to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive audiovisual ecosystem for everyone,” says Susana Casares, head of Netflix’s creative talent investment and development department in Spain.

The deadline for applications begins on Thursday 10 November at 10:00h and ends at 14:00h on 2 December 2022. The rules are available on the Cambio de Plano website, where you can also complete the registration process and find out all the details.

In the first edition of the competition, more than 900 applicants applied. The selected titles were ‘Compañeras de Viaje’ (by Elena Molina), ‘Descarriada’ (by Cynthia Pamela Rodríguez and Guillermo Guerrero), ‘Latitudes’ (by Teresa Barberena), ‘San Dai Tong Tang’ (by Jiajie Yu Yan) and ‘Village People’ (by Lourdes Amparo Sánchez and María Teresa García). The teasers of these projects will be presented soon, in a pitch session in which the projects selected for the second edition will be announced.

With the competition ‘Cuéntanos las historias que nadie cuenta’ and with the Cambio de Plano programme, DAMA and Netflix aim to promote reflection on the representation of audiovisual plots and themes in Spain and to encourage diversity in front of and behind the cameras, in the scriptwriting and directing teams.