DAMA holds its General Assembly and Board of Trustees Elections

DAMA, the reference entity in copyright management of audiovisual works in Spain, has held the elections of the Board of Directors with a high turnout of members, far exceeding other years figures.

The new members of the Board of Directors elected with the votes of the members’ votes are:

  • Alba Lucío Calderón.
  • Alejandro Hernández Díaz.
  • Ángeles González-Sinde Reig.
  • Azucena Rodríguez (La Rubia).
  • Begoña Ballester-Olmos Molins.
  • Coral Cruz Pacheco.
  • Curro Royo Fernández.
  • Diana Rojo Martín.
  • Estrella García Albacete.
  • Eva Garcés Rebollo.
  • Josep Llurba Naval.
  • Pablo Barrera Martín-Meras.
  • Paloma Rando Béjar.
  • Patxi Amezcua Hernández.
  • Virginia Yagüe Romo.

At their first meeting, the directors will elect the chairman, as well as the vice-chairman, the General Secretary and the Funds Committee.

In addition to this, the entity held its General Assembly at its headquarters, at which the entity’s Management Report and Annual Accounts were approved, as well as the Transparency Report of the financial year in 2021.