The Government promotes ‘Spanish Screenings XXL’, an international market for Spanish audiovisual production

‘Spanish Screenings XXL’ is the name of the new international market for Spanish audiovisual production promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, through the ICAA, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, through ICEX, together with the Málaga Festival and the San Sebastián Festival and their respective city councils.

The project is part of the ‘Spain, Audiovisual Hub of Europe’ Plan, which aims to boost audiovisual production, attract investment and economic activity, and strengthen audiovisual industry companies and professionals by improving their competitiveness.

‘Spanish Screenings XXL’ is based on four pillars:

‘Spanish Screenings’ Content

From the 21st to 24th of March, the Spanish Screenings Content market will be held within the Málaga Festival, as it is currently known. It will extend its scope to subsections such as Talent, Adaptations, Remakes, Co-production Forum and a Hub for new audiovisual content for emerging platforms (from podcasts to Twich, TikTok and alternative and disruptive formats).

‘Spanish Screenings’ Financing & Tech

From the 17th to 25th of September, the San Sebastián Festival will include days to attract powerful international investors and talent representatives. New technologies will be applied to audiovisual and R&D&I will also be promoted and showcased.

This is an extended continuation of the Zinemaldia & Technology initiative, which began in 2018 as a commitment by the festival to position itself as a benchmark for strengthening ties between technology and audiovisuals, as well as publicizing new technological advances and the opportunities they generate for creation and business.

‘Spanish Screenings’ On Tour

With the aim of reinforcing the Spanish Screenings brand internationally, itinerant actions will be carried out aimed at selling and promoting Spanish audiovisuals in strategic territories, such as Eastern Europe and Asia. It will also promote the respective festivals, the cities where they are held and our cultural industry in general.

‘Spanish Screenings’ 360

It will also promote the establishment of an active market throughout the year through a virtual promotion and business platform.

Through Spanish Screenings Content, the Malaga Festival aims to achieve its objectives through various lines of work, such as achieving greater diversity in content (film, series, new online and offline formats), as well as with new sections (remakes, literary adaptations, meetings between talents and management agencies).

It also seeks to increase the number of guests in a wider range of professional profiles: international sales agents, regional funds, film offices/commissions, producers, international distributors, talent, press, etc.

Another line of work is the creation of a Co-Production forum, a launching pad for new projects.

It also includes Spain Colorful Diversity, an initiative for the autonomous communities, through their film offices and film commissions, to present their locations and support plans for filming.

It is also aiming to promote the meeting of VoD platforms from Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

For its part, through Spanish Screenings Technology, the San Sebastian Festival features to showcase the work of Spanish companies developing new technologies associated with the audiovisual sector and will have a forum and exhibition space at its September edition.