World Intellectual Property Day

We celebrate World Intellectual Property Day.

At DAMA, we are committed to protecting and promoting the copyright of audiovisual creators. Intellectual property is essential to ensure diversity and cultural richness in our society.

Intellectual property encourages creativity, as it allows creators to control how their works are used and receive fair remuneration for their work.

Many predict that technology will replace creators, that human intervention will not be necessary to produce cultural content. However, true intelligence consists not only of conjecture, but also of creative criticism. Technology should not jeopardize our creativity.

Estibaliz Urresola, a partner at DAMA, is one of the protagonists of the Adepi video on World Intellectual Property Day.

Furthermore, in celebration of this day, the SAA (Society of Audiovisual Authors) has interviewed the screenwriter and President of DAMA, Virginia Yagüe.

“As a female author, you have to look for an association that know the gender equality data and that fight for your right. We work in television and cinema, it appears to be a very progress sector, but you find out it is not the reality.” – Virginia Yagüe.