DAMA and NETFLIX present the awards of the second edition of the Cambio de Plano initiative at the Malaga Film Festival

‘Consuelo’, ‘Costus’, ‘El gran bazar de mis padres’, ‘Gloria Fuertes’, ‘La noche del decreto’, ‘Las novias de Melbourne’, ‘Villa Futuro’ and ‘Yawarkancha’ are the selected projects in the competition ‘Tell us the stories that nobody tells’.

The winners of the first edition presented the teasers of their projects, produced in the laboratory.

DAMA and NETFLIX have awarded the prizes of the second edition of the competition ‘Cuéntanos las historias que nadie cuenta’ (‘Tell us the stories that nobody tells’), as a part of the Cambio de Plano initiative, at the Malaga Festival, in an event presented by the actress Laura Galán, recent winner of the Goya for best newcomer actress.

The projects selected were ‘Consuelo’, by Nicolás Pacheco; ‘Costus’, by Gracia Solera; ‘El gran bazar de mis padres’, by Rakesh Narwani and Marina Parés; ‘Gloria Fuertes’, by Javier Rojo; ‘La noche del decreto’, by Hajar Boujtat; ‘Las novias de Melbourne’, by Virginia Burgos and Juan Sánchez; ‘Villa Futuro’, by Alberto Velasco and ‘Yawarkancha’, by Adriana Ferrari and Jorge de Juan Fernández.

“For our organisation, especially focused on supporting the rights of audiovisual authors, it is an immense pleasure to ratify through Cambio de plano our commitment to diversity, plurality and richness within new proposals to help tell the stories that no one tells”, said Virginia Yagüe, president of DAMA.

“At Netflix, we know how important it is to feel identified with the stories we see and tell, that’s why we are committed to local talent and we are very proud to participate in initiatives like Cambio de Plano, which reflect the richness of the society in which we live and promote diversity and representation both in front of and behind the cameras”, says Susana Casares, head of the department dedicated to investment and development of creative talent at Netflix in Spain.

The winners of this second edition will receive a cash prize of 6,000 euros and will be able to enjoy professional mentoring for the development of their projects. Two of the selected projects will also be able to record a teaser to promote their creation.

The director and scriptwriter Daniela Fejerman; the director, scriptwriter and producer Arantxa Echevarría; the television critic, scriptwriter, writer, columnist and blogger Bob Pop; and the scriptwriter Valentina Viso made up the jury for the second edition of the ‘Tell us the stories no one tells’ competition. Likewise, Daniela Fejerman, Valentina Viso and Bob Pop will continue to be involved in this edition as mentors of the selected projects, accompanied by the film director and editor Fernando Franco.

Bob Pop, as spokesperson for the jury, emphasised during the event: “In the second edition, in the projects received during the call for entries, diversity is presented as an addition, a plot in itself. It is something that generates action”.

In addition to screening their teasers at the awards ceremony, the creators of the five selected projects from the first edition of ‘Tell us the stories that nobody tells’, Elena Molina (‘El dilema de las anguilas’), Cynthia Pamela Rodríguez and Guillermo Gutiérrez (‘El dilema de las anguilas’), Cynthia Pamela Rodríguez and Guillermo Guerrero (‘Descarriada’), Teresa Barberena (‘Terrores cotidianos’), Jiajie Yu Yan (‘San Dai Tong Tang’), and Lourdes Amparo Sánchez and María Teresa García (‘Village People’), presented their projects at MAFIZ.

With the competition ‘Tell us the stories that nobody tells’ and with the Cambio de Plano initiative, DAMA and NETFLIX aim to promote reflection on the representation of audiovisual plots and themes in Spain as well as to encourage diversity in front of and behind the cameras, especially in the scriptwriting and directing teams.